What is MS-Panty, Post Baby Panty?

Recover after baby with a postpartum panty with the right amount of compression to heal and return the uterus to pre-baby size. The mother of all postpartum panties, Post Baby Panty (formerly ms-Panty) has engineered compression to mend and slim your post baby belly. Walking, bending and even picking up your baby is much more comfortable with the Post Baby postpartum panty support. Don’t think you need the right medical grade compression after delivering your baby? Read on and see how Post Baby Panty provides the support you need after you deliver your newborn.

Postpartum Recovery Panty

Post Baby Panty, is a postpartum panty with medical grade compression over the abdomen to shrink uterus, reduce swelling and flatten the post baby belly. Particularly challenging after delivery is the stretching and pulling on your abdomen and uterus which has expanded during pregnancy. The gentle compression in our postpartum panty supports a healthy, enjoyable postpartum recovery.

Mom Feeling Good with a Postpartum Panty

Post Baby Panty Speeds Recovery

  • Compression over abdomen reduces swelling & shrinks uterus
  • Supports abdominal muscles weakened from pregnancy

Slim Down and Shape Up with Post Baby Postpartum Panty

  • Postpartum girdle with medical grade compression
  • Immediately slims post baby belly
  • Full torso slimming from bra line to hips

Get back to being you again with the right Postpartum Panty

  • Gentle compression shapes & supports your post baby belly
  • Supports the abdomen like a belly wrap but without bulky velcro or straps
  • Looks great under clothing
  • Pull-on-and-go postpartum care until you are back to your pre-baby self

We know that caring for your baby while recovering from a fairly major event is hard. You are overwhelmed at losing 30+ pounds, your hormones are on overdrive and you have a new delicate life to care for. Recovering in comfort so you can give your best care to baby is made easier with Post Baby Postpartum Panty.

What Does MS-Panty Provide?

  • A comfortable, fluted waistband unlike a postpartum girdle
  • Shrinks uterus & speeds recovery
  • Reduces swelling & slims post baby belly
  • Supports abdominal muscles weakened from pregnancy

Where Can I Buy Post Baby Postpartum Panty?

Post Baby Postpartum Panty is available directly from UpSpring, the manufacturer and at Babies R Us. Links to both stores are below.

Purchase Post Baby Panty Now from UpSpring