How Do Other Recovery Options Compare to C-Panty?

A. Traditional Tummy Binder:

A tummy binder will do what it was designed to do well and that is support the stomach and low back. The problem with using a tummy binder for c-section care is that they leave the incision unsupported. If you pull a binder down to cover the incision, when the hip is flexed to sit or walk, it rides above the incision leaving it unaddressed.

You can use C-Panties (the tall or short styles) with a binder though insuring that the incision is supported at all times while getting that extra tummy support from the binder when you want it. Binders are also often used for a few weeks at most, while C-Panty is designed to be used longer.

Low grade swelling lasts 12 weeks and scar maturation lasts a year but the enlarged uterus at the tummy lasts 6 weeks and that is where the binder focuses. C-Panty is a longer term support garment with a more “slow and steady wins the race” philosophy meant to be worn all day over time rather than intermittently. Over the physiologic time line of recovery that extends weeks, C-Panty is designed to be a real piece of clothing that affects recovery over time. It does not require on and off and fits under all clothes to make use as easy and practical as possible.

tummy binder photos

B. Pelvic Bands and Binders

Pelvic bands and binders are only practical for moms not moving or sitting as they cover the hip joint. They require on and off which can be cumbersome and don’t fit under clothes posing a short term solution at best. Our medical team carefully designed C-Panty to cover the incision area alone or the entire uterus and the incision area in a garment that is easy on, discreet and wearable by moms on the move, (as most of us are pretty quickly!) and over time. C-Panty can assist recovery from day one through swelling, scar maturation and even through that post-baby belly jiggle.

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