C-Panty Benefits of Anatomic Compression

C-Panty is the only after c-section recovery panty with anatomic compression combined with FDA-approved medical grade silicone. It’s patented design offers convenient postpartum care to help speed recovery, improve comfort and reduce scarring after cesarean delivery.

  • Post-surgical compression is recommended to support weakened tissue and control swelling after surgery.
  • C-Panty’s anatomic compression is focused peri-incisionally to reduce swelling, sensitivity and tenderness.
  • Higher cut models offer added abdominal support for weakened tissues and address third space fluid collection.
  • Unlike abdominal binders, C-Panty covers the incisional area without blocking hip motion and does not require frequent on and off, offering consistent, low-grade support to best address surgical recovery.
  • Silicone is the only FDA approved material to treat scars. C-Panty’s interior silicone panel is exclusively designed to cover to the Pfannensteil (c-section) incision.
  • Medical grade silicone maintains moisture content around the incision addressing scarring and its symptoms such as redness, itching and burning.
  • C-Panty’s compression plus silicone is the FDA and plastic surgery standard of care for scarring while its support meets patients’ edema, comfort and support needs. C-Panty provides a one step, patented, pull on and go recovery system that addresses short and long term recovery needs for swelling, comfort, support and scarring.

C-Panty patented medical grade silicone

panel over Pfannensteil incision.

C-Panty Inside Panel: C-Section Recovery Panty

Non-elastic, non-binding waistband flutes away from the body

C-Panty Classic Waist Panty on post-op patient day two.

Without C-Panty With C-Panty (1 cm less swelling)

C-Section Surgery Close Up

C-Panty Recommended Use

Use may begin at initial dressing change with modifications (covering silicone with a pad or panty liner) until wound closure. Edema and low grade inflammation persists post-operatively throughout the proliferative stage of wound healing, up to three months.

  • Scar maturation will continue up to 12 months and continued silicone scar therapy helps restore skin to a more natural color and texture. Keloid or hypertrophic scars may benefit from longer use.
  • Use guidelines, including skin precautions are contained in package.C-Panty is available in multiple styles to meet recovery needs and patient preferences.

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Recovery care for vaginal births

We also offer a panty without silicone to support moms who have had a vaginal birth, MS-Panty.

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