Last Updated: 1/6/2020

Below are some C-Panty reviews & testimonials from moms who have purchased C-Panty and Post Baby Panty. We thought it would be helpful to read how other moms feel about the products. We would love to hear your opinion too! Email us your feedback >>

“I just had a c-section with twins and was very uncomfortable with traditional underwear hitting right at the c-section incision site. The higher waistband of C-Panty is just perfect. The silicone pad feels good on the incision site. They offer just enough compression, but not too much.”

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By stumbeliena, from Olathe Kansas, Verified Buyer

“I bought C-Panty after my second c-section. I tried a couple stomach binders, but they didn’t seem to work properly. I was in a lot of pain and needed additional support to lift the weight of my post-pregnancy belly off my c-section incision and to help my belly go down (similar to a binder). I love these panties! Not only are they comfortable, they gave me the support I needed and after just a week my stomach has gone down considerably (I started wearing them two weeks after my c-section) – I wish I’d had them after my first c-section. I highly recommend them – they are worth the investment.”

By kmjfem, from Denver, CO, Verified Buyer

“I bought C-Panty 4 weeks after my surgery and I wish I would have had immediately postpartum. I was getting by with the big, itchy binder band that the hospital provided for me; but everything seemed to irritate my incision site. C-Panty is the best thing ever for a postpartum c-section!! It provides the support you need, helps conceal the still pregnant looking belly and protects the c-section incision site, allowing nothing to rub against it. Pregnant women reading this who know going in they are having a c-section, please purchase this item!!!! You will not be disappointed!!”

By skebfox, from Jacksonville, Florida

“I had my second c section 3 weeks ago. I wish that I had C-Panty for my first c section. C-Panty really is making my healing go well. I remember from my first c section that many pants bothered my incision for a very long time. These underwear protect my incision with the silicone area. They make wearing jeans much more comfortable. Plus, I do notice a difference in how well and quickly I am healing. My incision area is much more comfortable this time and I noticed that the c-scar is much thinner so far. These do work and I would recommend them to anyone who has had or is going to have a c section.

By Kate Elizabeth from Long Island, NY Verified Buyer
Buy C-Panty High Waist Incision Care

“Just the transition I was looking for to get out of the disposable hospital underwear and have support and protection for the incision.”

By C O’Brien, from Phoenix, Arizona, Verified Buyer

“I purchased C-Panty a few days after my c-section and was instantly more comfortable. C-Panty should be a must for every new mom recovering from a c-section. It fit right for the first couple of days, but since the major swelling has gone down, it is a little big. I still wear it all day four weeks later though and I know I would be in much more pain without it. C-Panty is worth every penny, and then some.”

From HappyMommy12
C-Panty High Waist Incision Care

“I Bought these prior to my planned csection and I am so happy. As I was trying to transition from the mesh panties I Got in the hospital to regular panties I was having bad time with burning and pain over incision area. This discomfort was unbearable in my regular panties. With these c panties I stopped having discomfort at the surgical site from rubbing. I really like this product and wished I had them for my first section.”

By Mom of 2, from Iowa City, Iowa

“I used the classic style c-panty for my 2nd c-section with my twins. Since I knew the issues I had with my first c delivery, I scoured the market looking for something that would help support me. This product was everything I could ask for! It covered my incision right where my pants would rub and was great for at home use. I liked this panty so much that I purchased the higher waist one later. It was so nice to have the compression that pulled my tummy in, making feel better in my “going out of the house finally” clothes.”

By Sane, but barely, from Chicago, Illinois

“C-Panty really works. They’re comfortable, and really help reduce that classic “c-section shelf” as well as help that incision fade” – PW

“C-Panty was recommended to me by a friend who runs a maternity consulting business. I had a planned c-section 10 days ago and have been wearing C-Panty since I was released from the hospital. The compression from this product along with my belly wrap gives me enough support to move around and get in/out of the bed. C-Panty is a bit pricey, but so far I’m glad that I have chosen this product to help my c-section recovery.” – Wen K.

“I used a medical grade compression corset following my c-section, but by about 2 weeks postpartum I was looking for something less binding to wear every day. C-Panty is the perfect solution. The silicone patch covers my c-section scar perfectly and really feels nice on the area that is sore. My only wish is that I had bought more of these and fewer of the other postpartum panties not specifically geared toward c-section mommas.” – Abby

“I purchased C-Panty to help with my c-section pouch. This was my second c-section and I needed some help pushing the extra “flab” in. C-Panty did the job just great!” – Mariar

“I was really skeptical to purchase C-Panty because of the price. I recently had a hysterectomy and needed the compression to support my stomach. It has been 100% everything you said it would be and more.” – Carlotta

“The UpSpring Post Baby Panty (formerly called Ms-Panty) is supportive and surprisingly slimming, great purchase! I loved this panty for post-partum, not the most attractive thing to wear but made me feel great!!” – Momca

Blog, by The Gaming Angel, C-panty helps me with C-Section healing

“We’re almost a month out (this Wednesday) from my c-section and I’m definitely still working on healing. Saturday, my mom and I went shopping to pick up a few things and it was difficult walking for a longer amount of time. I still feel a strong tightness in the area. A pulling that makes me feel like I’ve been sewn together and could unravel. I’m still taking pain medication because by the end of the day, I’m quite sore.

When I left the hospital, they gave me this white compression bandage and told me to wear it. Shortly after I left the hospital, this bandage not only frayed everywhere, but also didn’t fit correctly. As my uterous shrank, I could not get the bandage to mold to my body. Instead it folded over and caused more pain then help.

C-Panty High Waist

I looked only to find something akin to the white bandage that I could wear. This would prevent the folding which was causing considerable amount of pain. I found the UpSpring Post Baby Panty (also called MS-Panty). UpSpring Post Baby Panty is a one piece that offers extra compression over the abdomen to shrink uterus, reduce swelling and flatten post baby belly. It was SO COMFORTABLE! I was immediately in heaven from the support it gave.

Fast forward a week and I found that my incision area was still really sore. I looked online and found the same company that creates the MS-Panty creates another item specifically for c-section mommies. I had no idea! I ordered the C-Panty and hoped for the best.

The C-panty offers most all the benefits of the MS-Panty but it also has a silicone panel over the incision which speeds healing & reduces scars appearance. It provided an extra piece of cushion I need over the area.

I’m still struggling with healing. But the C-Panty is a huge help. It’s very comfortable to wear all day. Honestly, I wish I had bought this right after the hospital stay (ordered online) because I firmly believe it is helping with my recovery. The silicon acts as a protective layer against my clothes. I think every C-Section mom should make sure to get a C-Panty for their recovery.”